Question by boxer468: whats the difference between cigar tobacco and pipe tobacco?

so then if i shredded some cigar tobacco with a razor blade and smoked it in a pipe, what would that be like? decent? bad? good?

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one is for a pipe and one is for a cigar…

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  1. Hollywoodcrashkillathadon

    The way it’s cut pipe tobacco is shredded, cigar tobacco is like chunks of leaves.

  2. Jacob

    There is differences in the curing process. Cigar tobacco has no added flavoring, where aromatic pipe tobacco has food based casings added. Pipe tobacco is cut to be filled into a pipe, unless you get a flake or rope pipe tobacco. Cigars have a filler tobacco, and then a wrapper tobacco.

  3. Herfnerd

    Jacob is correct.

    Cigar filler tobacco is grown mainly in Cuba, Honduras, Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic although they are grown in smaller quantities in the U.S., Jamaica, Costa Rica and other carribean countries.

    Pipe tobacco is grown in the U.S (VA and LA), Turkey/Middle East and Greece (orientals) and Cyprus/Syria (Latakia)

    Different types of fermentation and preparation of the leafs.

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